Among Wild Horses – a Portrait of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs Lynne Pomeranz & Rhonda Massingham, Storey Publishing North Adams MA 2006

This small and beautiful book communicates the relationships, behavior, beauty and freedom of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs living in the high desert and semi-alpine slopes between Montana and Wyoming. These bands are descended from the original Spanish horses brought over by the Conquistadors.

The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons from the Herd Joe Camp, Three Rivers Press New York 2009

Excerpt pp219-220: “Joe has known me since I was nine. I’m almost elven now. He really doesn’t know from whence I came, nor does my former owner. Only that my name, Cash, came with me. Joe believes that the story he told of wild horse throughout this book is a fable. I’ve heard him say that there’s no validating written record. And he’s not old enough to have been there for most of it. But I’ve also heard that very few good stories are pure fiction…His story of my ancestors came from the heart. And from good research. Because any or all of it could’ve happened just as you read it. That’s the way it is in the wild. Joe was trying to illustrate how we are supposed to live, and how truly easy it is to be one of us, and to allow us to live as we should, as we always have.”

Wild Hoofbeats – America’s Vanishing Wild Horses Carol Walker,  Painted Hills Publishing Longmont CO 2008

The large format highlights the beauty of Walker’s subjects and you can feel the wildness, the action, the wind and the land in each picture. The text is an eye-opener into the impact on the wild Adobe Town herd of the Red Desert by their managing agency, the BLM or Bureau of Land Management that removed over half the herds in repeated roundups from 2006-2008.

Wild Horses: Living Symbols of “Freedom”  Craig C. Downer, Western Printers And Publishers. Sparks, NV 1977

This is a small but powerful book that identifies the strengths and problems of wild horses in the today’s public rangelands. Excerpt p. 68: “This brings me to the moral point of this discourse. To deny these majestically unique and special animals, these long suffering helpers of humanity, their rightful and original place in freedom here in the West, their evolutionary, cradle, to deny them their inalienable right to continue to evolve and to progress in their own way in a free and naturally bio-diverse world is an unpardonable injustice!”

Wild Horse Annie & The Last of the Mustangs, the life of Velma Johnston David Cruise & Alison Griffiths, Scribner New York 2010 

“All of us who love and admire mustangs and horses in general owe this courageous woman a great debt of gratitude for exposing the plight and possible extinction of this breed.” MONTY ROBERTS, New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Listens to Horses

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